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Our Story

Adrofuel aspires to ignite the fire within millions of sport and fitness enthusiasts across the globe by providing premium supplements. This is achieved by utmost focus on formulating supplements with each ingredient specially selected to provide high quality nutrition, good performance and a palatable taste.

The brainchild of a tri-athlete and inspired by numerous fitness enthusiasts, Adrofuel is built on the values of honesty and excellence to be a trustworthy partner in achieving your health/fitness goals.

Positivity, intent and purpose is what Adrofuel stands for by passionately working towards the mission of creating products with a difference.

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Why Adrofuel


Quality Ingredients

With a strict approval process our team of formulators ensure that every ingredient that goes into your product is of premium quality. Exquisite flavours and other ingredients are sourced from various places across the globe after eliminating several others that do not match the quality standards stipulated by Adrofuel.

Great taste

At Adrofuel we believe that healthy can also be tasty. Therefore, we try to ensure that our products are appealing to the taste buds. A choice of exquisite flavours blended with carefully chosen ingredients and months of trials undertaken by our formulation team as well as team of experienced tasters culminate into a product that provides a great consumption experience. Our products will make you look forward to having your next round of supplements rather than consuming it out of compulsion.


Founded and inspired by the vision of an athlete, we at Adrofuel strive to provide great quality products for your consumption. Every process in Adrofuel is built around the theme of providing the best for athletes. Right from selection of ingredients, formulating the product, preparation of labels, manufacturing of the products, pricing and sales we have your best interests in mind with an unwavering commitment to deliver the best we can with utmost honesty and integrity.

Supervised Production

Our products are manufactured under the most stringent norms based on regulations of FSSAI and at a facility certified by ISO, HACCP, JAS-ANZ & GMP. We pay utmost attention to every detail, without any compromise on processes. Adrofuel products are tested at FSSAI approved laboratories to assure you of quality.


Focused formulations

Adrofuel products are formulated by experts with an approach to provide proportions and combinations that are effective in accordance with principles of science.

For instance our whey protein products focus on providing you not only with an appropriate content of protein but also lays great emphasis on protein absorption and synthesis which is extremely critical for achieving your goals. Irrespective of the quantity of protein you consume if the same is not synthesized and absorbed in the body it will be flushed out of the body without having the desired impact. Adrofuel has therefore, provided a combination of a great amino acid profile and digestive enzymes to facilitate breaking down of the protein as well as better digestion that results in better absorption and synthesis. The product is also supplemented with certain vitamins that are a must have post your workout that result in overall improvement of performance.

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Adrofuel Manufacturing & Packaging

Manufacturing Process

The whey ingredient in the Adrofuel whey protein is derived by utilizing state of the art membrane filtration technology. This technology preserves the high quality of the product and the native nature of the protein. The membrane technology is a novel non thermal environmentally friendlier technology that minimizes the adverse effect of temperature rise such as change in phase, denaturation of proteins change in sensory attributes of the product. The membranes remove unwanted components that have a negative impact on product quality, making the final product more attractive in texture and increasing its shelf life. The selectivity of membranes is very high due to the unique mechanisms of action such as ion exchange, solution diffusion.


At Adrofuel we are environmentally conscious and have therefore chosen specialized PET containers for product packaging which is recyclable. We have sealed the product for safety and prevention of adulteration.

We have also introduced a 240 grams (approx. 7 servings) packaging size for INR 799 only for those who wish to purchase multiple flavours and at lower price points. You could use this option for initial trials or if you do not wish to consume only single flavor over a month.