I have tried every type of protein supplement out there, but all of them caused bloating and gas, and even adult acne! I never noticed it immediately, but after taking most protein powders for a few days, the symptoms would

Manoj Kumar

I am 33 years old and can’t eat anything anymore. I can’t digest the foods I used to love to eat. So I am stuck eating bland, boring meals. My doctor said I needed to use a high protein meal


For me, Adrofuel is the perfect protein supplement. It’s free of artificial colors, sugar substitutes, cholesterol, etc., which is important to my long term health, considering the amount of supplemental protein that I consume for building muscle, losing weight, and


I had no idea that blueberry, coffee, strawberry and chocolate protein shakes could taste so good! I normally try to get my daily protein requirements through food, but the taste of this protein shake alone generated a new favorite treat