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Immunity Spray

  • Adrofuel's "IMMUNITY" protects provides the much-needed immunity boost
  • Benefits: Supports Immune system, Aid in immunity against cold cough and flu symptoms, Reduces Inflammation, Aids against Toxic Bacteria, Relieves stress, Good for skin and nails, Antioxidants, Heart health.
  • Designed to maximize absorption: Delivered into the body as a sublingual mouth spray, it is up to 800% more effective than consuming the same in other forms such as tablets or in food.
  • Immediate absorption in the body: Absorption through the sublingual area (area beneath the tongue) eliminates the first pass effect i.e. avoids destruction of the nutrients by bypassing the gastric acid and hepatic enzymes.
  • Cost-Effective: The pack is a monthly pack and hence provides immunity at a cost-effective price for a month
  • Ease of Use: Don't go through the effort of preparing your immunity booster, washing vessels, etc. Just open and spray, You are done with your immunity dosage for the day.
  • Healthy Ingredient Profile: Adrofuel delivers the goodness of Turmeric, Vitamin C, licorice extract, Zinc, cinnamon, and other key ingredients in one of the more effective mechanisms ever.
  • Vegan | Non- GMO | Sugar-Free | Gluten Free
  • HACCP, ISO, GMP & FSSAI certified: The product is manufactured in a facility with all necessary approvals and paramount importance given to safety, cleanliness, and quality to ensure the customer receives only the best product.