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Adrofuel ENERGY is a complete intra-workout drink to help support the rigors of a tough cardio workout. With a proprietary Electrolyte blend along with a balanced Carbohydrate profile to keep you fuelled through your workouts. Formulated in an Isotonic formulation to make absorption easy.

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1kg, 500gm


Blue Berry, Cola, Green Apple, Orange

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  1. Erik

    I tried multiple products before using adrofuel energy. Thise is the first product that has not upset my stomach. I really like the cola flavor. It is not to sweet and works well in both hot and cold temps. Sometime I even use it on the way to a race when I am nervous and am having trouble eating. It’s great because you get some calories and hydration so you know you can perform at your best.

  2. Amit

    Having previously suffered from cramping late in races, a friend of mine recommended ultra endurance. He said it’s only for events lasting longer than 45min. I sipped on one 500ml bottle during the first 10km of my half marathon and managed to avoid cramps and fatigue. The taste is great and the sweetness has a perfect balance. It was SUPER friendly on my stomach during and after the race. I’ve been using this for the last 6month and recently started using it on my long bike rides. I sometimes stack it with their 100% whey especially post long training rund and it really helps me recover for the next session. Legit stuff.

  3. Sukhdev Raj

    Energy – Green Apple – 500gm mast hai!!!

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