Immunity Spray
Immunity Spray
Immunity Spray
Immunity Spray
Immunity Spray
Immunity Spray
Immunity Spray
Immunity Spray
Immunity Spray

Immunity Spray

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Your Daily Dose of Wellness

Raise your tongue to immunity with Adrofuel’s novel sublingual spray.

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  • Adrofuel’s “IMMUNITY” protects provides the much-needed immunity boost
  • Benefits: Supports Immune system, Aid in immunity against cold cough and flu symptoms, Reduces Inflammation, Aids against Toxic Bacteria, Relieves stress, Good for skin and nails, Antioxidants, Heart health.
  • Designed to maximize absorption: Delivered into the body as a sublingual mouth spray, it is up to 800% more effective than consuming the same in other forms such as tablets or in food.
  • Immediate absorption in the body: Absorption through the sublingual area (area beneath the tongue) eliminates the first pass effect i.e. avoids destruction of the nutrients by bypassing the gastric acid and hepatic enzymes.
  • Cost-Effective: The pack is a monthly pack and hence provides immunity at a cost-effective price for a month
  • Ease of Use: Don’t go through the effort of preparing your immunity booster, washing vessels, etc. Just open and spray, You are done with your immunity dosage for the day.
  • Healthy Ingredient Profile: Adrofuel delivers the goodness of Turmeric, Vitamin C, licorice extract, Zinc, cinnamon, and other key ingredients in one of the more effective mechanisms ever.
  • Vegan | Non- GMO | Sugar-Free | Gluten Free
  • HACCP, ISO, GMP & FSSAI certified: The product is manufactured in a facility with all necessary approvals and paramount importance given to safety, cleanliness, and quality to ensure the customer receives only the best product.




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Dimensions 3.50 × 6.50 × 11.00 cm

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5 reviews for 5

  1. Nutan

    Ordered this product last week.
    Got a pack of 3 for my family.
    Great innovative concept & quality products. Made consuming these ingredients much easier!

  2. Mahesh

    Great product guys!!! Makes consuming these 😝 ingredients very easy.

  3. Priyanka

    Good product. Tastes good and nice concept.

    Since it is sugar free my in laws use it and like because its easy to consume.

  4. Trinath

    Detailed review:

    I bought the product 1 week ago and I am impressed.

    Taste – It has an orange flavour and it tastes nice like an orange candy. The best part is, that the taste is without any calories (1-2 calories) since the product is sugar free.

    Concept – I generally hate taking pills/capsules. The spray is dam nice. Its easily to consume and it looks also very good while consuming.

    I have been reading about sublingual, and it appears that it is actually the most effective way of consuming nutrients for better absorption.

    All in all, good product. I am going to purchase this for my entire family now.

  5. Chirag

    Good product. Value for money. Got pack of 3.

  6. Richa Bigghe

    We tried this product and it’s so simple and easy to use with great benefits. I highly recommend everyone to take this in these current uncertain times. The spray is made up of all natural ingredients and there cannot be any better product to provide us with all the required ingredients in such a simple way for a daily dose of immunity !

    Great stuff guys…

  7. Harshith

    Great product 👍
    Easy to use and tastes good too.
    And is cost effective.

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